Apple Loop: iPhone 15 Pro launch confirmed, iPhone 15 Pro Max delayed, Apple game bug

iPhone 15 official certification updated on September 2; article originally published on September 1st.

Taking a look back at another week of news and headlines from Cupertino, this week’s Apple Loop includes September launch event confirmed, iPhone 15 Pro details leak, iPhone 15 Pro Max delay, MacBook design notes Pros, AirPods switch to USB-C, and why Apple can’t crack top-tier games.

The Apple Loop is here to remind you of some of the tons of discussions that have taken place around Apple over the past seven days (and you can read my weekly Android news roundup here on Forbes).

Apple confirms launch event

As expected, Apple will hold a launch event on the second Tuesday of September. It’s the traditional timeslot for the launch of this year’s interaction with the iPhone X. Four models are expected: iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max – with the potential to launch new peripherals alongside the iOS smartphones.

“First, reconfirm the date and time found in invitations sent Tuesday, saying, Watch 9/12 at 10:00 PT. And now reveal how you can watch it: Watch online at or the Apple TV app This is helpful, though not unexpected. It may be that Apple will announce more ways to watch between now and keynote day.”


Leaked iPhone design choices

With the launch less than two weeks away, there are far more opportunities to locate and leak the final product. The latest details include not only Apple’s favorite color for 2024, but also the materials used, weight, exact dimensions and more:

[Industry insider Majin] Bu agrees with the recent iPhone 15 Pro color rumors and adds more detail, explaining that the silver-gray finish has a gray back panel and border, similar to silver. Additionally, the new black version is lighter than the Space Black finish of the iPhone 14 Pro, and the new Dark Blue Hero color will be darker than Apple’s previous blue hues.”


Update: Sep 2: Several new iPhone models have been spotted in regulatory filings in India. These documents are a legal requirement before a device can be offered for sale. A single model (A3094) was previously spotted, but this weekend a slew of new model numbers (A2649, A2881, A2882, A2883, and A2884) appeared, giving us an official look at Apple’s plans:

“Furthermore, the sequence suggests that the two new models are entry-level iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro Max, but component variants (memory, storage, etc. providers) mean that, as with the iPhone 14 series, there likely will be more model numbers than the four official models.”

(MySmartPrice through Forbes).

iPhone sales breakdown

With so many consumers expected to order a new iPhone, Apple needs to get its predictions in order (something it overestimated with the 15-inch MacBook Air). Reports from the supply chain suggest that Apple is putting a lot of emphasis on the higher-end model of the Pro Max:

iPhone 15 Pro Max, the most expensive iPhone, accounts for 3540% of shipments of the iPhone 15 series, the largest share, he explains. iPhone 15 Pro Max shipments in 2H24 also grew 1020% year over year compared to iPhone 14 Pro Max in the same period. This means that Apple is optimistic about the strength of the periscope, which is only available on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

( via Forbes).

The Pro Max delay

One issue with the iPhone 15 Pro Max that will impact Apple’s sales reports is an expected delay in the master order of units. It may take up to four weeks for most orders to be fulfilled.

“However, the high-end iPhone with the most advanced camera system may be delayed until October due to the availability of the image sensor. The camera parts supplier Sony will not be able to supply the used image sensor from the iPhone 15 Pro Max on time shipped along with the other new models.”


The future MacBook designs a new design

While Apple’s Mac plans aren’t at the forefront (but they will be in October), it’s worth remembering that the current crop of MacBooks are at the end of the product cycle. By buying now you would not only get old specs, but also an old design:

“The construction of the new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops may not be as spectacular as the microLED screens or improved I/O capabilities. However, changes at this level allow for more flexibility for the Buck Rogers design style many are seeking .”


AirPods Pro USB-C lost

A new set of AirPods is also expected to launch at Apple’s Sept. 12 event, thankfully with a more universal connector than current Lightning-enabled cases.

“The next iPhones will almost certainly switch Lightning connectors to USB-C ones. This rumor has been so widespread that everyone believes it. Gurman says AirPods will make the same change this September. Gurman says: To adapt to new iPhones, Apple will be showcasing updated AirPods that include a USB-C charging port at the event.”


And finally…

The constant problem of games on Apple platforms, especially macOS, has yet to be resolved. Old titles, the lack of AAA releases, and the play anywhere, once-subscription philosophy remain out of reach:

“Apple is bringing Game Mode and a porting toolkit to macOS Sonoma. It’s a good start, but Apple needs to do a lot more to attract gamers and game makers to the Mac. Apple Arcade is, in theory, a great concept. Pay a low paid month and have unlimited access to a number of games from different genres, without any kind of in-app purchase.And in theory, they are all playable on Apple TV and Mac.Unfortunately, Apple Arcade is not fully available yet. it lived up to the ideal.

(Apple Insiders).

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