The new VR game from the makers of Gorilla Tag evokes a VR classic

The new VR game from the makers of Gorilla Tag evokes a VR classic

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The development studio behind the VR hit Gorilla Tag offers a first glimpse of its new VR game that is strongly reminiscent of Echo VR.

After the huge success of Gorilla Tag, Another Axiom is now working on another ambitious VR game. Codenamed Project A2, the team aims to revive the legacy of the Echo VR.

Gorilla Tag is known for its simple game mechanics and low graphics requirements. Despite this, the VR game boasts an impressive player count on Quest 2, and while it may seem different at first glance, there is an experienced team behind the VR hit.

David Neubelt was one of the leads on the recently discontinued VR classic Echo VR at VR studio Ready at Dawn, which was acquired by Meta. A very popular game from Another Axiom. Kerestell Smith, co-founder of the studio, sees Echo VR as a major inspiration for Gorilla Tag.

Mix of Echo VR and Gorilla Tag

On Another Axiom’s Discord server, the studio has now taken a look at its current plans and announced a VR game, currently codenamed Project A2.

Similar to VR sports classic Ready at Dawn, you’ll move like a robot champion in zero gravity. We’re aiming for human-scale speed with more physics, hand-held collisions, sliding and paddle-based momentum mechanics, all using very little controller input, reads the ad.

The VR game also aims to create a seamless social structure, where players can navigate between different stations in the game and meet different communities. There will also be large stadiums where users can compete in teams or sit in virtual stands as spectators.

Early access expected

Similar to Gorilla Tag, the social component allows for casual encounters and networking moments within the game. Extensive customization options are also provided.

We’ll be sharing our plans for how players can manage their servers, control their stations, host their own rules, moderate and customize the look and feel of activities, posters, game modes and more, writes the studio.

Project A2 is not expected to be released until the end of 2024. Before that, however, the studio plans to offer an early access version.

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